Private Jet Spotlight - the Gulfstream IV

The Gulfstream IV, also known as the GIV or G-IV, is one of the most popular private jets both on the market, and when chartering at JC Flight Solutions. With a rich, 30+ year history, the Gulfstream IV was designed and is built by Gulfstream Aerospace, based out of Savannah, Georgia. The Gulfstream IV was innovative from the beginning, in 1985, when it became the first business jet to have an all glass cockpit and a revolutionary wing design. Gulfstream IV's have even set over 35 international records for around-the-world flights.

The versitile Gulfstream IV's have been used for everything from weather monitering (including a modified plane they use to moniter tropical cyclones and predict hurricane patterns), to military operations, to private and business use. They offer a beautiful interior with a variety of seating configurations for up to 16 passengers and crew members. For personal and business use, they come equipped standard with pullout tables, a galley, large lavatory, in flight baggage access, optional wifi capabilities, and in-flight entertainment systems.

Despite the military being the largest buyer of GIV's, they have a solid reputation for being one of the most reliable, luxourious jets for private and business use, and are one of the largest jets used for such applications.

The Gulfstream IV has an excellent long range capacity powered by two Rolls-Royce Taye 611-8 engines, and can fly quite a distance even with a large number of passengers. It's an excellent choice if you have extra guests going with you to a business or vacation destination! JC Flight Solutions can also help you plan the perfect custom business or vacation trip, in addition to chartering your flights!

John Moffat