Private Jet Spotlight - Bombardier Challenger 350

At JC Flight Solutions, we are able to charter the newest, most luxurious private jets, even if you have a smaller number of guests who will be flying with you. Manufactured by Bombardier, the Challenger 350 is able to fly you and up to seven guests an amazing 3,200 nautical miles to the destination of your choosing. It is the only super midsize jet that can go full range with both tanks and seats full!

With the widest cabin in it's class, the Challenger 350 offers superior comfort and legroom, while the abundant windows lend you amazing views, not to mention the great natural light that illuminates the cabin during daytime flights.

The cabin management system in the Challenger 350 is a beautiful display of seamless intigration. You can use the ample sized high definition monitors to screen a movie, enjoying the state of the art audio system on board, or switch over to work or news with high speed connectivity air to ground technologies.

The Bombardier Challenger 350 is known for its fast takeoffs, efficient cruising, and smooth ride. The improved Honeywell HTF7350 engines on the Challenger 350 make takeoffs a breeze, increasing takeoff thrust. Compared to the Challenger 300 it has a longer wingspan, stronger wings, and improved winglets. The slightly upgraded interior feels luxe and open.

The interior of the Challenger 350 is equipped with features such as a full refreshment center, a fully enclosed aft lavatory, a microwave, warming oven, wi-fi, and power outlets. With the increased range, nonstop flights such as Las Angeles to Hawaii or New York to Seattle are fast and comfortable.

At JC Flight Solutions, we are committed to chartering the right jet for the job. Whether for business or pleasure, the Bombardier Challenger 350 is an excellent choice for a short trip as well as long range flights.

John Moffat