Private Jet Spotlight - the Hawker 900XP

At JC Flight Solutions, we can adapt to any needs our clients may have. When a shorter runway is required, the Hawker 900XP is an excellent choice of aircraft. Produced by Hawker Beechcraft, the Hawker 900XP is a variant of the extremely popular Hawker 800 aircraft. It features the same winglets, avionics package (Proline 21), and cabin design as the Hawker 850XP, but with modified wings and improved, TFE731-50R turbofan engines. The new engines allow the Hawker 900XP to climb even more efficiently, and increase it's range.

The Hawker 800 series aircraft have a long history of being one of the most popular private jets on the market. The Hawker 900XP was the last variation of the sought after jet, with a well thought out interior that includes seats that swivel 360 degrees, a four person club section, and a 3 seat divan. The flexibility of the layout in the cabin makes the Hawker 900XP a great choice if you are traveling with other guests. The Hawker 900XP has an ample baggage compartment that can easily be accessed mid flight, which fits up to eight suitcases and three golf bags!

Where the Hawker jets really shine, however, is in their ability to take off and land on shorter runways than most private jets (especially those with long range capabilities), allowing for access to increased access to airports you may not have previously considered. The Hawker jets have an amazing range, and are able to fly long distances nonstop, such as New York City to Las Angeles.

The Hawker 900XP is an excellent choice for local and international flights, especially if you are going to vacation or do business in a location with a shorter runway. JC Flight Solutions is happy to adapt to any needs you may have, from chartering flights to arranging appointments, to planning a luxury custom vacation package. We can't wait to hear from you!

John Moffat